Why a Society?

Conservation Area legislation, passed in 1967, preserves neighbourhoods of distinctive character, many of which had deteriorated through unsuitable redevelopment or bad planning.

Additional planning regulations exist in Conservation Areas. These prohibit, unless planning permission is obtained, most new developments, substantial modifications to existing properties and tree-felling and lopping. Through so doing, it is hoped that the features which make an area unique may be retained for future generations.

The Telegraph Hill Society is actively involved in the Lewisham Borough Conservation Advisory Panel which considers all Conservation Area planning applications.

The Telegraph Hill Society was originally founded by local residents as the Telegraph Hill Conservation Society to seek protected Conservation Area status for the Hill. With that aim successfully achieved, the Society now encourages local people to take an active interest in maintaining and improving the area — one of the nicest, and most under-rated, parts of central South London.

The Society is run by local residents for local residents.