What do we do?

The Society has a number of working parties representing the views of residents to local govern-ment and utilities, lobbying for change (or to preserve the status quo), educating, informing and helping.

Our principal activities fall into the following categories:

1. Transportation issues
Raising issues of concern with the local bus companies, the rail operators and Railtrack, London Transport and the myriad of other bodies now responsible for our transport system.

2. Road and pavements
Working with the council to highlight problems on traffic levels, parking, pollution, speeding and the state of roads and pavements generally.

3. Planning
The Society is represented on Lewisham’s planning advisory committee and is consulted on all planning applications in the Conservation Area. We are involved with formulating the Council’s policy on public participation and with the Borough's Unitary Development Plan. Our voice has ensured that we have retained many of the attractive features which make up the character of our area — and we shall carry on doing so.

The Society is a founder member of the Lewisham, Forum for Amenity and Conservation Societies (“FOCAS”) and a member of a number of conservation bodies, including the London Forum and the Civic Trust.

The Society is happy to give members advice on planning, conservation and restoration issues.

4. Parks and amenities
The Society first promoted the idea of a lottery bid for park restoration in 1994 and has been heavily involved in the process ever since. We have strong links with the Telegraph Hill Park Users Group, which we helped form, and actively campaign on issues relating to local facilities.

5. Local history
We have publications on the local history of Deptford, Telegraph Hill, New Cross and Hatcham; reproductions of an 1892 street map and a 1914 OS map; a local history walking guide; a reproduction wartime photo-reconnaissance; and two series of postcards showing the area in Victorian times: all for sale to members. Members with an interest in local history are encouraged to help the Society research the area and share that knowledge with others.

Watch out for historical walks led by Society members, meetings with other societies and our History Series which comes with the newsletter.